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Diligence & Competences

We will keep your books with the highest professional care


Protection & Optimization

We will save your money in dealing with the Tax Authority and other institutions


Professional solutions

We will advise you in setting up a business, running your business or closing a business

01 Accounting & Wages

Bookkeeping should help you in running your business. Having everything booked in time and in a well-arranged manner will provide you with control over your company and the effectiveness of your decisions. We will be pleased to take over the keeping of your accounting books so that you can rely on them completely.

02 Tax Consultancy

Any increase in assets or change in ownership may cause an obligation to file a tax return, with the rate of taxation being far from negligible. The tax regulations sometimes allow for different options but to know the ropes in taxes one needs to possess a high qualification. Leave the solution of your tax duties to professionals!

03 Business Consulting

During the life of a trading company, there is often a need to make changes in the ownership structure, to acquire an additional capital, to split or merge companies or to undertake other operations within the company or its assets. These are the areas where our office can assist you as well.



We make use of cutting-edge IT technologies in bookkeeping and communication. We are able to receive data electronically and enable remote access to accounting books, whereby sparing the time and money of our clients.


We undertake responsibility for the results of our work. We have set our controlling processes, train ourselves continuously, and are insured under the law against making any mistakes.


We are a small group which responds flexibly to new issues. No one is willing to wait too long for an answer.

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