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We will save your money in dealing with the Tax Authority

Our office provides tax advisory services through tax advisors or lawyers. Such professions are controlled strictly under the law and they require high qualifications. We see the advantage for clients represented by a tax advisor in:

  • the guarantee of the agent’s proficiency,
  • the duty of the Tax Authority to deal directly with the tax advisor or lawyer,
  • the option to extend the deadlines for filing tax returns and paying taxes,
  • the liability for the client’s tax obligations (as the tax advisor must be insured under the law for such liabilities).

We offer the following tax advisory services

  • representation before the Tax Authorities during tax audits
  • representation in tax court litigation
  • alerting to changes in the tax legislation
  • ensuring registration for taxes
  • preparation and filing of tax returns and tax reports
  • alerting to tax payment due dates
  • VAT return from EU countries
  • tax planning – tax burden optimization within the limits of the law
  • advising in international taxation (taxation of permanent establishments, taxation of non-residents, etc.)
  • assistance in setting up transfer prices (prices agreed between associated entities)


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