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We will keep your books with the highest professional care

Your books should provide a current and true picture of your business as required by the legislation. But your accounting books should also be helpful to you. Having everything booked in time and in a well-arranged manner will provide you with control over your enterprise. Only thus you will be able to control your activities by your books and to make sure that the decisions you make are effective. We will be pleased to take over the keeping of your books so that you can rely on them completely.

Financial accounting

The range of our services includes the following in particular:

  • keeping accounting books under the Czech legislation or IFRS (with the “online” accounting option),
  • monthly reporting,
  • cost accounting,
  • audit and reconstruction of bookkeeping,
  • payment system operation,
  • drawing up statistical reports,
  • client’s employees training,
  • working in synergy with auditors,
  • document archiving,
  • assistance in consolidating financial statements.

Personnel and Payroll administration

We will provide the following services through our payroll accountant:

  • calculation of wages, health and social contributions,
  • preparation and submitting of reports relating to payroll,
  • observance of the registration and notification duties relating to payroll,
  • ensuring the management of personnel files,
  • representation during payroll audits,
  • advisory services in employing foreign employees and in posting employees abroad,
  • calculation of reimbursement of employees’ travel expenses,
  • advisory services in employees’ fringe benefits.


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