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Indicative prices charged to our clients – limited-liability company, monthly VAT payer with approximately 15 regular employees, 450 documents posted per month



Posting an accounting documents (e.g. one invoice, internal document)
20,- CZK
Complete monthly payroll administration per employee
250,- CZK
Preparation of annual financial statements
1/12 of the yearly price

Tax returns submitted by the tax advisor 

VAT returns, including control report 800,- CZK
Corporate income tax return 3 000,- CZK
Personal income tax return 1 500,- CZK
Road tax return 500,- CZK

Rates for short-term advisory services

Accountant (per hour) 450,- CZK
Tax Advisor (per hour) 900,- CZK

In addition to the prices of single tasks we can also charge a monthly lump fee for a package of services provided.

Please contact us for preparation of a tailored quotation or for a complete price list of our services.

Entrepreneurs can spare money by outsourcing accounting services; as a result, they do not need to equip and furnish their own accounting department, they don’t incur any wage cost of accountants, they don’t need to bother with substitute labour force for sickness or holidays and to pay for the regular training of accountants.

Tax advisers have the statutory obligation of confidentiality as to the bookkeeping and taxes of their clients.

When being represented by the tax advisor, the entrepreneur is secured against sanction possibly imposed by the Tax Authority for, for instance, improper entering of a document or delayed filing of a tax return, which is charged to the tax adviser who must be insured under the law for this purpose (since only the tax advisors and lawyers may be insured against loss occurrences associated with taxes).

When being represented by a tax advisor, the client also benefits from the 3-month deferment of tax payment.


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